This was my first experience using the skills of a Life Coach. I really did not know what to expect. But I must say, the sessions were so valuable and productive. Each session began with prayer, which as a woman of faith was extremely important to me. After each meeting I felt empowered and energized to move forward in each area discussed. I have never been good at setting goals and strategies, but with the guidance of Lisa as my coach, goals were set before I realized what had happened. It was invigorating! Lisa affirmed me and made me feel accomplished during each session. Because I live alone, having someone to discuss out loud my life goals with was very helpful. If you find that you are in a place where a little coaching would be beneficial, I would highly recommend Lisa.
— Shari, Burleson TX
I couldn’t be more pleased with the coaching sessions I experienced with Lisa. I was instantly put at ease with her positive attitude and encouraging manner. Lisa’s love for the Lord and trust in Him are evident at every turn. She is an attentive listener and offers affirmation and support throughout the session. Lisa recognized the hard work that is expended for honest communication throughout a coaching session and provides positive verbal feedback, suggests practical resources to achieve goals and accountability to motivate. I was always amazed at what occurred throughout the hour – so much more than I had set out to accomplish. I highly recommend coaching sessions with Lisa; her natural abilities combined with this particular format make it a highly beneficial and rewarding experience.
— Kathy, Burleson TX