Dear Friends!

You may be wondering what would prompt me to share my journey, unscripted and straight from the heart.

My first reason is obedience to God. I believe God wants to use my struggles and successes to encourage others.

My second reason is accountability and support. Without you plus the accountability of my commitment to show up and document the good, the bad and the ugly of my journey I know I would not reach my goals.

My last (but definitely not least) reason is authenticity. I kept thinking that I needed to get my act together before I started sharing on social media. But honestly, I think the world could use a lot more authenticity and a lot less “perfection”.

That’s how the “Keeping It Real” videos series evolved. Please comment, like and share my videos! I want to hear from you with questions, comments and encouragement!

Be Blessed, Lisa

Video 12 - Maybe I Am Angry!

If you are an emotional eater you will want to check out this video as I reveal what I have discovered about my roller coaster ride of losing and gaining weight. After months and maybe years of denying my anger, I have finally realized it is the "why" behind my struggle with my weight.

Be Blessed, Lisa

Video 11 - My Struggle with Perfectionism

Am I perfect? Nope! Do I have it all together? Not even close! To be honest, most days I’m a mess or at least I feel like one! If you struggle with perfectionism, I hope you are encouraged by this latest “Keeping It Real” video! God hasn’t called us to be perfect. He has called us to be transformed.

Be Blessed, Lisa

Video 10 - Whether it is food, alcohol, medication, work, social media, binging on Netflix or just plain busyness we all experience times when it is just easier to numb or cover over the pain instead of dealing with it.

Join me as I share how removing the things I've used to numb my pain has brought me to a deeper level of feeling my emotions. Whether it is happiness, sadness, laughter, frustration, anger or tears, my feelings are real, they are deep, they are transparent and they are drawing me closer to God.

Be Blessed, Lisa

Video 9 - What's your biggest fear? Join me as I share the insecurity I face every time I step out in to new situations. Nothing scares me more than going new places with people I don’t know. I automatically revert back to that awkward insecure middle school girl in Norman, OK. The one looking for the “cool girl” table trying to find acceptance and ending up confirming what I believed all along, I don’t belong. God says I am the apple of his eye. I don’t have to live insecure and neither do you.

God has a very special plan for each of us. He wants to use us and bless those who we come in contact with everyday. Whether or not we feel comfortable or even confident, isn’t the point. Being obedient and trusting him to walk through the door into the unknown is what really matters.

Be Blessed, Lisa

Video 8 - Join me as I share my "why" that keeps me focused on reaching my weight loss goal. It's not what you would think! What's your why?

Be Blessed, Lisa

Video 7 - In this video I share how I am dealing with the drama in relationships and the uncertainty of my future. Can you relate? God is teaching me to keep my focus on Him and not them! He is in control, so I don't have to be! We can have confidence that He has already walked where we are going. Our future does not surprise Him!

Be Blessed, Lisa

Video 5 - Join me as I share a humbling reality. After losing 100 pounds, I have gained half of it back...yep 50 pounds. It's taken me a few days to digest that fact. (pun intended)!

The good news is I haven't gained all the weight back. The better news is, I know what works for me, and I'm back on track and focused! The best news is, my worth is not based on a number on the scales! God loves me unconditionally at any weight!

Be Blessed, Lisa

Video 6 - Check out this short "Keeping It Real" video as I share about my struggle of carrying an extra 50 pounds as I walk. A good description is that I am lugging around basically a 50-pound bag of dog food! It's hard, but I'm doing this one step at a time, one day at a time with the Lord by my side!

Video 4 - Accountability

Over the past year, I let pride and my tendency towards perfectionism keep me from getting back to a place of healing, wholeness, and, health. Join me as I take the most crucial step in this journey. Accountability is critical, and I cannot do this alone. I'm determined this is my time, and nothing is going to stop me.

Video 3 - Lisa shares her realization that following her feelings can quickly derail her progress. Staying on track and making progress towards her goals requires her to fight through her feelings, stay focused and do the hard work. Join Lisa as she breaks every rule in the Social Media handbook and talks about her challenges of fighting her feelings and staying on track.

Video 2 - The Explanation - Why Unscripted and Straight From The Heart?

Video 1 - My Invitation To You!